About Dy@h Rh


The writer’s name is Dyah Rochmawati, 38, a teacher. She has been teaching English for almost fifteen years at different levels of schooling since she graduated from IKIP Malang in 1994. At present she is one of the teacher staff in the English Education Department of University of PGRI Adi Buana University at Surabaya and furthering her study to get her master degree at the Department of Language and Literary education of the Surabaya State University at the same time. She is interested in the following areas: Discourse Analysis, Semantics, English Literature and TEFL. She has written some textbooks on those subjects, English poems and short stories (under her pen name, Dyra Hadi) but they have not been published yet. However, some of her papers and articles have been published in some nationwide journals




7 Comments on “About Dy@h Rh”

  1. desi86 Says:

    salam kenal yak mbak 🙂
    ya bole2, mari qt sharing knowledege hehe ^^

  2. Halati Shob Says:

    Assalamu ‘alaikum, Pa kbr nih …. ???

    Glad to hear about you again. Keep in touch, ok ?


    From one of your fan


  3. Ika M Says:

    nice blog,mam…it gives us a lot of information…
    and many thanks for teaching us…

    (UNIPA student)

  4. imam Says:

    thanks a lot for your informations…
    may someday we’ll meet n sharing together…
    See yaa

  5. Bambang Sugiharto Says:

    Nice to find your Blog, B. Dyra. I’m one of the member of S1 ’89. Do you still remember me? Glad to see you again. I’m very proud that one of my friends consistently continue and deepen what we’d got in the class some times ago. At least, I’ll have a kind of model or ‘barometer’ to be more seriously to what I’m doing in my students’ classrooms nowadays ahead….Assalaamu’alaikum for your family.

  6. dyah rochmawati Says:

    Of course I still remember you, the silent man with curly hair, is it right? Have you joined Facebook? There are some of our old classmates having joined me in it, such as, Sobah, Taufan, Musiin, Mamik, Sutrisno, Wiwik, Mas Sujud, Anny, Udin. Nice to see you again ya..good luck!

  7. rini Says:

    mam…kok aku gak bisa nge add FB mam yah?? temen sekelas Rico ne mam…tq

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